We deliver projects with a strong emphasis on quality assurance, while adding significant value to our projects by solving complex issues during the design phase.

All network start at a conceptual design stage.

Today’s 1, 10 and 100 Gigabit system require planning to ensure that their entire data systems would not fail in case of either node or cable failure. The primary design goal is to minimize disruptions and to develop a plan on how temporary and permanent repairs would take place in a logical format.

We design with future expansion in mind.

We do not just look at the hardware and cabling alone, but we evaluate systems and or devices running on the networks how well each works together. We provide site surveys and infrastructure assessments to assist in the design phase.

Our Consult & Design services can help you analyze, design, deploy, test, manage and support your network.

Fiwaves consulting and network design capabilities offer customers scalable services according to the application’s unique needs:

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)



Security and CCTV

Local and wide area networks